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This felt relevant.

how dare you tell me what context in shakespeare is. my reading is my reading and you have no right to tell me i read something ‘out of context’ because you don’t see it the same way. do i know what kind of character polonius is? get fucked. polonius is whatever kind of character i say he is because you are not the only person who can interpret something. and you know what? beautiful words can be beautiful even if they’re not attached to an eight hour play.

bundle of pretentiousness indeed.


Of course, by saying “eight hour play” (and the subsequent agreement,) you both make it clear that neither you have actually bothered to read or see the play performed in full because Kenneth Branagh, even with the addition of flashbacks and shots of Fortinbras’ army marching to Elsinore, could only manage to push it to Four hours, Two minutes and Twelve seconds.  And that includes the opening titles and Luciano Pavarotti serenading the audience during the end credits.

I’m not saying that you have to see a complete, unabridged version performed, but your response reeks of you just cherry-picking quotes that you like.  Basically, all you see is this: 

When what’s actually happening is this:

So yes, knowing what’s happening instead of thinking that you know what’s happening because it happens to be convenient is in no way a recommended way to look at things.  If you can reasonably describe your perspectives based on all available facts, fine.  But when you consciously cut or flat out ignore vital aspects in order to fit your own opinions, then unless the character in your head is purely a non-canon fanfic version, you’re looking at it wrong, not because others disagree, but because you’re consciously failing to look at all the aspects that are readily available.  That’s not having a unique personal opinion, that’s just flat out laziness.

I only have to add that the one serenading was Placido Domingo, not Luciano Pavarotti, but let me bask in the beauty of this reply.

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    This felt relevant. how dare you tell me what context in shakespeare is. my reading is my reading and you have no right...
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