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We band of brothers

get to know me meme - favorite movies - the princess bride (1987)

As you wish.


Warning: This is probably the cutest thing anyone has ever seen.

Hunky Dory

Audacity precioussss be a precioussss and insssstalsss yourselfesssss. Good now I canssss do the precioussss ssssoundsss for the playsssssss

Vikings episodes  → 1x01 - Rites of Passage

"You couldn’t kill me if you tried for a hundred years."



if i don’t have a section in this thesis called ‘how to do a dramaturgy’ i will be sorely disappointed with myself.

And if the instructions aren’t
1. Sit down.
2. Look at the future dramaturgy.
3. Look at your life and choices.
4. Cry.
N. profit???


That actually sounds awesome, tbqh.
(And I’m going to be more around. And bring fic. And Irma things, because I miss her)

Thanks for all the welcome back messages!
As I said, I promise to be around a bit more than what I have been lately. (Plus, I’ve found quite a few things in drafts that need finishing and posting. Few things meaning fics. ASOIAF Au fics)
For now, I get to bed, and as Samuel L.Jackson says “Go the f*ck to sleep”

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